Many Questioning The WV Shooting Of News Anchor And Camera Man

James wrote:

I watched the alison parker video … take it from someone (me) who knows about guns … the shooter had used the gun before with real bullets … watch as the gun learches FORWARD with each round … these are blanks … the shooter is bracing for the inevitable backwards impulse as the gun would release a real bullet … BUT there is no real bullet so the gun lurches forward with each round because the shooter is reacting to what his instinct would say would be a real round … but since there is no real round the gun thrusts forward … watch the video again … jim

My response: Ok, now I will say this: There is too much smoke and too much fire at the end of the barrel, which proves blanks. To the left here is the frame that proves this is blanks being fired, there is simply TOO MUCH FIRE at the end of the barrel and the color of the flame is totally wrong for real bullets, that is the color of flame from blanks, which is similar to the flame from black powder:

No camera shake also proves blanks.

DURING DAYLIGHT, IT IS USUALLY DIFFICULT TO SEE MUZZLE FLASH FROM REAL BULLETS USING MODERN SMOKELESS POWDER, AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS NOWADAYS. However, muzzle flash from blanks shows up clearly, and this is what we see here to the left. OOOH, SCARY LOOKING, but IT PROVES BLANKS, as does the excessive smoke which I have NEVER seen from any real round I have fired and I have shot thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds and I mean freaking THOUSANDS with hand guns, shot guns, rifles, you name it I have owned it, I have never seen smoke with modern (and I am talking past 50 years) bullets and always see it with blanks which I have also shot. WHAT SMOKES? OLD SCHOOL BLACK POWDER.

This is the difference between blanks, which have to use black powder or something similar because it will explode with no back pressure provided by a bullet. Modern smokeless powder will not go off properly or at all without a bullet providing back pressure to cause it to explode. Black powder will explode without any back pressure, but modern smokeless powder will not. That is why smoky black powder is used in blanks And the gun lurching forward is from vacuum pressure from the gases leaving the barrel and making a forward pulling pressure which a bullet would normally cancel out with a kick. Blanks get weapons dirty quick. It is not the same quality material with blanks. Blanks smoke a lot.

Virginia Shooting.. Boyfriend of Alison Parker tweets about shooting 12 mins before it happened?


by Lou Collins

The internet is going wild with claims that the Virginia Shooting is yet another staged event after a tweet apparently sent by the reporter Alison Parkers boyfriend was tweeted 12 mins before the shooting actually occured..

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.16.35

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 01.17.53

It clearly shows on the clock that Alison was live on air at 6.46am and her boyfriend tweeted it out at 6.34am a 12 min gap..

Was he in another state when the tweet was sent ?

This tweet is no longer on Chris Hursts twitter or any other from the morning of Wednesday 26th August 2015.


Crisis Actors…



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Note also in the video that while the gunman is pointing the gun that his hand is “white”. I’ve never seen a black man with white hands!

Original Article:

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