Couple Married 33 Years Must Seperate Because Of Pitfalls Of ObamaCare And Medicaid

Couple Married 33 Years Must Separate Because Of Obamacare and State Medicaid Program Pitfalls

Linda and Larry Drain have been married for 33 years but are now forced to separate because of the pitfalls of Obamacare and their state Medicaid program .

Stuck in a health care coverage gap, their combined income is too little to qualify for Obamacare subsidies yet exceeds the limit on unearned income to qualify for TennCare after Larry opted for early retirement.

Linda has epilepsy and must take expensive medication so she can’t do without insurance. Larry is without insurance but he has a hernia and is living on hope that he suffers no complications as he can’t afford surgery.

They have been appealing to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam in numerous letters to expand TennCare. Seems nobody in his office cares to take up this horrible situation for this couple.

The couple’s struggles have continued since their separation, they told host Alyona Minkovski on Friday.

Larry sent countless letters to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam asking him to expand TennCare, but his office was unresponsive, Larry said. The couple faced another blow when Haslam’s Insure Tennessee plan, which would have expanded health care coverage to 280,000 low-income Tennesseans, never even made it out of the state’s Senate Health Committee.

“It crushed me. It was my hope. It was my hope,” Larry said.

Linda described the “hardship” the couple has faced has since she moved 25 miles away from Larry to find subsidized housing. Linda explained:

It’s really been a change that neither one of us expected. … It’s been costly because the gas expense is enormous for his income and mine. … It’s not something that’s within our budget to see each other whenever we would like, and the maintenance on the car is another consideration.

While the Drains seek a more permanent living situation, visits are few and far between.

“Right now I just plan on him coming to Knoxville about once a week or so. And that’s not ideal,” Linda said.

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