50 North Korean Submarines Go Missing As Soldiers At Fort Bragg Are Told To Prepare For Nuclear Attack


(INTELLIHUB) — Every so often two or more major news events occur around the same time and, while the mainstream media makes sure to never connect the important dots, the alternative media looks for correlations that would otherwise be ignored.

With recent news of stock market crashes across the world, one could easily have missed two very important news items that, taken alone, are worrisome, but combined could point to the possible start of a major war and or an attack on American soil.

While the following two news items may be completely unrelated, the fact that they could possibly be is worth noting, especially in the midst of the Black Monday stock market crash.

Early on the morning of August 21st 300 20th Engineer Brigade soldiers from Fort Bragg begun preparations to take part in a massive training exercise to prepare for a nuclear attack on Southwest Florida. According to ABC 11, the notice “came overnight” and told soldiers to be ready to deploy for a week.

“We’re specially trained and equipped for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards,” Colonel Jayson C. Gilberti told the local affiliate. “It’s absolutely essential to ensure trained and ready forces,” Gilberti said. “I don’t believe we’re never ‘not ready.’ You can never be ready enough.” (report begins at the 1:10 mark)

The report goes on to detail the disaster response to Hurricane Katrina and how preparing for a possible nuclear or biological attack is meant to help all Americans. While one can obviously see the need to prepare for such an event, present day news items as well as the past history of military training drills warrant closer inspection.

Interestingly, an article in the English version of a South Korean news outlet claims that at least 50 North Korean submarines have literally gone missing amid increased tensions between the neighbors.

North Korea seems to be stepping up preparations for a military provocation even as ongoing high-level talks seek to avert the worst.

More than 50 North Korean submarines have apparently been sent out on mystery missions, and artillery strength and warfare-readiness along the frontline have been raised to the max, a military source said Sunday.

That suggests the North has embraced a two-prong strategy tempering its traditional brinkmanship with diplomacy.

“The current sortie rate of North Korean submarines is as high as 10 times the rate in ordinary times,” a military official said. “Scores of subs that have left their bases on the eastern and western coasts are off our radar, which is an unprecedentedly serious situation.”

The report mostly details fears that the subs could be part of a larger plan to hit targets within South Korea, but as Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan.com notes:

“One major concern among officials in South Korea and the United States is that some of the submarines may be armed with nuclear weapons. The country successfully launched a submarine-based ballistic missile in May of this year and has had an active nuclear weapons program for over a decade.”

Slavo goes on to highlight the fact that North Korea has developed a high altitude nuclear weapon dubbed the “Super EMP” that if exploded over the United States would cause significant damage to the nations power grid.

“U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its “space launch vehicle” to explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States.”

In the two years since the development, it is possible that North Korea has modified the weapon for ballistic missile deployment from a submarine.

“The effects of which would be catastrophic should Kim Jong Un’s regime decide to attack the United States with a first-strike destabilizing blow in an effort to prevent a coordinated military response should the country move on the South.”

To recap, amid increased tensions between North and South Korea, as well as during the last three weeks of the massive realistic military training exercise known as Jade Helm, troops at Fort Bragg are preparing for a nuclear attack in Florida.

Coincidence? You tell us……

Original Article:https://www.intellihub.com/50-north-korean-submarines-go-missing-as-soldiers-at-fort-bragg-prepare-for-nuclear-attack/

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