Tennessee School District Bans American Flag

Tennessee School District Bans The American Flag

The Dickson County School District in Tennessee banned the Confederate flag amid the recent controversy, but then went ahead and banned all flags – including the Stars and Stripes.

The Dickson County Director of Student Services Steve Sorrells has no qualms about this stunning decision and firmly stands by it.

“While this was not necessarily an attack on the American flag, there were some other issues we’re trying to address,” Sorrells said. “It’s not an unpatriotic act, by any means, because we have a number of ways in which students do learn how to be patriotic and express American pride.”

Not necessarily an unpatriotic attack on the American flag?

“This is not about a school district in Tennessee,” Fox co-host Tucker Carlson said Sunday morning. “This is a about a long-term trend where the people who run everything…despise rural America and its culture; suspect anybody that doesn’t live in their cities of being a bigot; and they’re trying to crush that culture by banning its symbols.

“They hate expressions of patriotism,” he added. “It makes them uncomfortable.”

“Americans are feeling guilty about being American for some reason,” co-host Anna Kooiman said. “Come on, America, let’s wake up before the American flag ends up in a museum!”

Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/tennessee-school-district-bans-american-flag/2/

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