ISIS Releases Shocking Video Threatening Israel

The situation with Iran is truly mindblowing. Obama claimed that the deal with Iran is not based on trust, which is an obvious fabrication because the IAEA is now saying that the Mullahs are allowed to self-inspect their nuclear sites.

This is beyond insane.

We are supposed to believe them when they state that they won’t build nukes, but we are not supposed to believe them when they cry ‘Death to America’ and release highly provocative videos showing they are about to invade Israel?

On Monday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attacked the United States and Israel on social media with this statement: “We spare no opportunity to support anyone #FightingTheZionists.”

Even more chilling is an animated video released this week by The Islamic Revolution Design House, which shows Al-Quds special just outside Jerusalem preparing for an invasion.

It shows a soldier preparing for battle. He puts on a Revolutionary Guard patch, and then a Qassam Brigades headband, followed by a ski mask and a Palestinian scarf around his neck, while arming himself with a machine gun and a pistol. As he puts on a helmet, we see him looking over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, home of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. The image pulls back, showing the soldier amid a sea of conquering troops.

A concluding message invokes Ayatollah Khomeini’s threat that Israel must be wiped off the map and promises that day is coming soon.


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