A Group Of Researchers Believe The Island Of Sardinia Was Home To The Legendary Atlantis


According to a group of Italian scientists, the island of Sardinia might have been known as Atlantis in the distant past.

While many believe Atlantis was a figment of Plato’s imagination, there are many researchers that believe that Atlantis and the Atlantean race did in fact inhabit our planet in the distant past. Now, it seems that evidence has been found that supports the existence of Atlantis.

It seems that experts are getting extremely close to finding out the truth about the incredible Atlantean civilization and their exact location on Earth.

The team presented their hypothesis about the cause of the disaster which devastated the island of Sardinia around 1175 BC. The explanation not only establishes the impact of a comet and tsunami as responsible for the destruction, but said that the event was the inspiration for Plato’s legendary Atlantis. Scientists believed that a comet that plunged into the sea could have been the cause of a tidal wave that destroyed bronze age settlements on the islands.

Atlantis... A figment of Plato's imagination or reality?
Atlantis… A figment of Plato’s imagination or reality?

Sergio Frau who is a writer and expert in Atlantis believes that the southern part of Sardinia resembles an “underwater Pompeii.”

” We are talking about a great volume of water, 500 meters in height. Only the impact of a comet near the coast could have caused similar destruction,” said Frau during a conference.

Frau, who in June visited the site along with a dozen of Italian scientists believes that Sardinia is the same island that Plato described as Atlantis, contradicting the prevailing theory that Atlantis was located somewhere near the Strait of Gibraltar. The expert argues that a tsunami caused by a comet wiped out the ancient civilization of the island some time in the second millennium BC.

Until a few decades ago, the existence of destructive tsunamis in the Mediterranean was not thought possible, recent investigations have refuted that notion showing that at least 350 tsunamis have occurred in the area over a period of 2,500 years.

Original Article:http://www.ewao.com/a/1-a-group-of-researchers-believes-that-the-island-of-sardinia-was-home-to-legendary-atlantis

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