Whistleblower Claims Feds Hiding Link Between Vaccines And Autism

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., created a firestorm on Capitol Hill recently when he presented evidence the Centers for Disease Control destroyed data linking the MMR vaccine, (measles, mumps and Rubella) and autism.

Posey based his indictment on the allegations of Dr. William Thompson, a 17-year veteran of the CDC, who became a whistleblower and charged in a report by Robert E. Kennedy Jr. that was published on WND his superiors pressured him to manipulate data in order to conceal possibly harmful side effects of the MMR vaccine.

It was in August 2014, Thompson alleged, the CDC hid data which revealed the MMR vaccine caused an increased risk of autism when administered to children younger than three years old, with an even greater risk for African-American children.

Thompson stated he led or co-led three major vaccine safety studies while working for the CDC. After finding the risks for autism and the disproportionate impact on black children, Thompson charged:

“All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September 2002 not to report any race effects from the paper. Sometime soon after the meeting, we decided to exclude reporting any race effects. The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study.

“The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room, and reviewed and went through all the hardcopy documents that we had thought we should discard, and put them into a huge garbage can.

“However, because I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retain all associated computer files. I believe we intentionally withheld controversial findings from the final draft of the Pediatrics paper.”

Posey had this and other excerpts from Thompson’s account entered into the Congressional Record.

He said the federal government has a responsibility to provide accurate information to parents about vaccines.

“It’s troubling to me that in a recent hearing on childhood vaccinations, it was never mentioned that our government has paid out over three billion dollars through a vaccine injury compensation program for children who have been injured by vaccinations. Regardless of the subject matter, parents making decisions about their children’s health deserve to have the best information available to them.”

Posey went on to request a “thorough investigation” and concluded, “I ask, Mr. Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the Committee on Appropriations to please, please take such action.”

Orthopedic surgeon, past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and WND columnist Dr. Lee Hieb applauded Posey’s actions but stated he needed to go father.

“I wish he’d address the larger issue … it’s about giving children under three years a massive dose. You’re giving a child a whopping load when their immune system just isn’t ready.”

Hieb, author of the recent book “Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare,” argues that the MMR vaccine is uniquely dangerous.

“We don’t see these problems when we vaccinate for measles, for example,” she says. She argues what is needed is a calm look at the science in order to determine the risks and benefits of this specific procedure.

However, Hieb believes such a dialogue is unlikely in the current political climate.

“This is an age of anti-science,” she told WND. “Science is based on doubt. They are using coercion and the tactics of fascism rather than the tactics of science. They’re saying, ‘It’s proven there’s no argument.’ Well, that’s not how science works.”

Hieb said she and some of her patients have received calls from the CDC asking if they had children under four years old and inquiring about their views on vaccination.

“This is none of their business,” she complained.

The actions of Posey and the reported actions by the CDC are likely to draw new attention to the battle over mandatory vaccination.

In the wake of California passing a tough mandatory vaccination law, voters have launched an effort to recall Democratic State Sen. Richard Pan, a legislator who made it more difficult for parents to opt out of the program. Pan stated those trying to drive him out of office are using “anti-science rhetoric to ignore division and fear.”

But Hieb says Pan has it backwards and parents should be cautious about certain kinds of vaccinations at certain times. Doubt and skepticism, she argues, is what is needed in a real scientific approach.

“Look, there is no reason to give an infant a hepatitis B vaccine, for example. This is the government imposing an unneeded medical procedure, one that has risks, unnecessarily, on small children whose bodies may not be ready for it. And then they tell us we are not even allowed to discuss the data surrounding these issues. Indeed, the CDC may have actually destroyed the data.

“We need to investigate this. We need to get into the specifics. But if we did what these vaccination Nazis wanted, we’d never move ahead.”

Original Article: http://www.wnd.com/2015/08/stunner-whistleblower-claims-feds-hiding-vaccine-autism-link/#aKDo2gvmotZy8ePi.99

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