The Right To Grow Your Own Food Is Under Fire By The Federal Government


Though few Americans noticed or are away, several years ago a quite unnerving document was signed into law right under our noses, threatening our inherent right to grown our own food.  The Federal government granted itself legal right of ‘seizure’ for a huge variety of naturally occurring or commonly individually cultivated resources needed to live.  Some feel it may be one step further in the direction of American dependence on the plutocracy and dubious corporations such as Monsanto, Sygenta, Dow, Bayer, and other.

The document in question is titled executive order 13603: “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”  This 10 page document grants the federal government the unquestionable right to seize control of a whole slew of things that belong to individual citizens such as ‘all forms of energy’, ‘all useable water sources’ and just as alarmingly:  “All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals.” That’s some heavy language.

Laws similar to this have been issued at various times since the Cold War, but they are nonetheless an insult and seeming threat to our freedoms and quite disturbing to see in official print.  The right to seize necessities and life-sustaining resources of individual citizens with no permission or limitations can be called totalitarian at best.

Executive order 13603 is unfortunately not the only un-democratic legislation out there to be aware of.  Bills S.425 and H.R.875 were also introduced in the House of Senate and the US Congress by Democrat Rosa DeLauro.  Rosa De Laura is married to Stanley Greenburg who is the Chairman and CEO of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research- an institution know to carry out work for biotech giant Monsanto

Fortunately, Bill S.425 and H.R. 875 were not passed into law, but the fact that this type of legislation is being actively and frequently pushed is enough to ruffle some feathers.


It would seem that the main goal of such legislation is to quietly grant more and more power to the government to be able to seize authority over food and water resources (not the mention the medical side of the story) and to move more completely into the industrialization of food in America.  The DARK Act, as it has been called, would contribute to the criminalization of growing one’s own food and sharing it with friends and family, which is nothing short of ridiculous.

Certain aspects of these bills attempt to regulate and restrict the use of certain mineral and vitamin substances that are naturally beneficial for human health and well-being.  The pharmaceutical industry is unlikely to passively sit back and watch as natural and community medicine flourish, because it puts the power into the hands of the people.

Yet ultimately, while we could certainly sit around and feel angry, sad, or afraid in hearing of such disturbing intentions and attempts by our own government, we could instead take it as an opportunity to re-establish or fortify our sense of our individual sovereignty and to create connections, organizations, relationships, skills, and resources within our families, neighborhoods, and communities which will provide solidarity, and empowerment.

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