‘Volcanic And Tectonic Activity To Reach Dangerous Maximum’ Warns Former NASA And White House Advisor

(INTELLIHUB) — Former White House and NASA adviser John L. Casey came forth recently warning factions of the government, such as FEMA and others, that volcanic and tectonic activity in the U.S. may reach a dangerous maximum soon as the Earth enters a new cooling phase based off the sun’s two-hundred-and-six year hibernation cycle.

“This is cyclical in nature, it happens every 206 years” when the sun enters ” a solar hibernation phase, Casey said in an interview posted on YouTube back in May.

Several hypotheses that would explain why such volcanic and tectonic activity ramps up when the sun’s electromagnetic output declines include:

  1. The leaky capacitor theory […] which is based on the sun charging up the Earth’s magnetic field and then when the sun goes into the hibernation phase it shuts off that charging phase and then the Earth begins to discharge like a leaking capacitor. That could be one of the drivers for the [increased] earthquake and volcanic activity.”
  2. Plate movements […] where in the previous 200 years as these plates warmed up and moved faster it may have led to a final build-up phase leading to catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes.”
  3. Dynamic shift […] when the sun stops the warming and starts the cooling it’s like slamming the brakes on in your car, everyone gets thrown forward.

Casey also described the “basic scenario” of the “ShakeOut” drill, set to take place Oct. 15, 2015, which is designed to help governments and first responders “prepare for massive earthquakes […] and of course the concern has always been Southern California, the San Andreas fault area” which has now shifted focus toward the “New Madrid fault.”

Original Article:https://www.intellihub.com/volcanic-and-tectonic-activity-to-reach-dangerous-maximum-warns-former-white-house-and-nasa-adviser/

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