Architects Confirm Shopping Centers Will Become FEMA Camps

Prison fencing and a guard tower at this Denver Public School.

Earlier in the summer of 2015, I was awestruck when I had an epiphany about much architecture had changed on commercial and public buildings. The most striking change came in the form building what clearly looks like guard towers on new strip malls, shopping malls, new schools and this trend even went so far as to include the retrofitting of CLOSED strip malls.

No we have architects who are as concerned as we all are. The allegations of paranoia and unfounded conclusion will fade into the background after these accounts.

This photo is what started the controversy of guard towers being needlessly built on public structures. From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb.  The only thing missing is customers.

 An "elite" school in Brooklyn. The picture says it all.

A Denver Metropolitan school complete with a Marana mall type of guard tower.

"FEMA" mall in Tampa.

From a layman’s perspective, I could not see any justification for addition of guard towers to a malls. I reasoned that the addition of a guard tower structure had to be time consuming and very expensive. When I first published my observations, I was besieged with allegations that I was suffering from extreme paranoia and was imagining all of this. Yet, my readers and listeners responded with dozens of examples of what I was trying to alert the public to in that our public structures were increasingly resembling a prison facility.

Who Are the FEMA Camps For?

FEMA Camps have spread like a bad cold.  However, the FEMA camp facilities are only capable of housing about 800,000 detainees. Therefore, the conversion of existing structures into makeshift FEMA Camps is needed. And now we are receiving confirmation from architects which tells us that guard towers on shopping malls and schools are not normal or natural.

Nothing happens in isolation, and in the context of the martial law drill, Jade Helm 15, it was quite clear that DHS and FEMA were preparing for mass detentions in numbers which would greatly exceed the estimated 800 FEMA camps currently in existence. As an aside, do you remember when FEMA was cornered with proof as to the existence of FEMA camps and they said that they would only be used in the event of a mass immigration event due to an external cause? Well, we know this is a lie because we have and still continue to experience mass immigration. Some demographers estimate the number of illegal aliens residing inside the United States is between 30-35 million and this administration continues to allow the inflow to continue, unabated as President Obama keeps pushing for wholesale citizenship. None of these people are ending up in FEMA camps, nor should they. Our government and our corporations want them here. If President Obama and his corporate benefactors did not want them here, they would not be here. Obama’s people are doing a great job keeping the oppressed Syrian Christians, Obama could do the same to any immigrant group. Do not blame the people, blame Obama and the greedy corporations that he is beholding to, but I digress.

Not one illegal alien has been put in a FEMA camp. When one of these people commits a crime, they are typically deported to only enter the country again. Yes, this is how much this administration loves you, the middle class American. The FEMA cover story that FEMA camps were built to house illegal aliens is laughable. So, why are these guard towers being built into architectural genre of our malls and schools?

Architects Speak Out

I have heard from over a dozen architects who all say the same thing; Guard towers built upon shopping malls and schools serve no legitimate purpose. They are costly, they do not add to the aesthetics of the structure so as to attract customers or students and they serve no purpose in relation to the structure that they are attached to. Here are two examples of architects who have contacted me in support of what I have already printed on this topic.

Dear Dave, 

I have been reading your accounts of guard towers being built on various structures around the United States, Canada and even Great Britain. Your concerns echo what many of my colleagues feel as well. I work in various aspects of commercial design and  I work with a team, from other backgrounds in planning and supervising construction of malls. It is pointless to voice our opinion that guard tower structures are a waste of time, space, material and money. If we persisted with this assessment, it is clear that we would be immediately terminated or we would lose contracts.  Dave, although you know my name, please do not release my name or refer to my firm for all the apparent reasons.  Thank you.

When an architectural team designs a mall, they work very hard at having the various structures complement each other. The purpose is to create a functional commercial community as well as a warm, inviting atmosphere where people where let their “guard” down and are willing to spend their money. We want to design structures that sell ease if accessm beauty and comfort. Guard towers do not add to this architectural objective.

When I first raised the question of why so many malls were having EXPENSIVE and utterly useless guard tower structures built on the corners of malls, I was told that it was what the client requested. As I attended many pre-planning and construction meetings, I discovered that representatives of the “client” did want the guard tower structures even though there was never a legitimate explanation offered. I challenged one representative by telling him the structure would substantially drive up costs, served no aesthetic purpose and would draw hard to labor away from the the construction of the mall and delay the completion of the main structures comprising the mall. In this business where time is money and construction completion dates are of a high priority, the insistence of the clients who want “elevated structures” made no sense.

 I was firmly told to drop the subject.

Then one day I was reading one of your articles and you mentioned that Simon Properties, the “biggest owner of malls in North America,” had made a deal with DHS to house people during an emergency. This discovery scared the holy s___ out of me because I realized that you were correct and these malls could quickly become detention facilities…. There is no doubt in my mind.


Hi Dave,

I’ll keep this brief.  I drove by a new Market Basket last week, not too far from my home.  Noticed the guard towers on 2 ends.  I attached the link below to the conceptual drawings.  They are also visible from google earth.  Athol MA, Market Basket.  I design timber homes and some commercial buildings, so I have noticed this trend over the past few years that new buildings have a guard tower feature (emphasis added).  You can probably guess why.  My assumption is massive conditioning for the sleeping public that when they see these entering the camps that they are images of a non threatening nature.  After all, you walk through them all the time to get an overpriced meal right?

Take care!


casey goddard guard towers


I  am in possession of several of these emails which all same the same thing: There is no legitimate purpose for a guard tower to be built on a school, a mall and certainly there is no explanation for retrofitting a closed strip mall.

As I said earlier, nothing happens in isolation. In the context of Jade Helm, there is no question that these unusual structures are FEMA camp facilities and in this time of soft martial law and Jade Helm, every American should be concerned.

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