Scientists Discover Water Chasm Under Pyramid- Giving Credence To The Energy Amplifier Theory

Many researchers have maintained that the hundreds of pyramids built in ancient times, were used as amplifiers. Some Pyramids receive energy, while other pyramids are said to amplify energy. What if this is possible and Pyramids were not built as tombs in ancient times? Is it possible that Pyramids are in fact structures that are able to harness “natural” energies from the Earth?

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) found out that the pyramid of Kukulcan, in the archaeological site of Chichen Itza (Yucatan), is built on top of a cenote.
The body of water was detected by an electrical tomography in three dimensions, from which the experts were able to determine measures of around 30 to 35 meters at its longest point and having a depth of around 20 meters.

Electric Tridimensional Tomography and electrode distribution around the pyramid (Image: SIPSE)
Electric Tridimensional Tomography and electrode distribution around the pyramid (Image: SIPSE)

“Beneath the pyramid we have detected a body of water that is surrounded by limestone, this indicates that it is very possible that the Pyramid is seated on a cenote,” said researcherRené Chavez. from the Institute of Geophysics (IGF) of the UNAM.

“We know that in caustic areas, its surroundings have subterranean waters. So, taking into account the concept of the maternal womb, the origins of life and water which is the original of life, we have a double meaning which is very significant. Therefore, taking all these concepts into account we link it with a step to the sky in magical and religious thinking,” said Denisse Argote from Mexico’s National Anthropology and History Institute.

Researchers explained that the top of the cenote is not collapsed and that the pyramid of Kukulkan sits on a limestone layer that is around five meter thick.

The researchers used 96 non-conventional flat electrodes which were placed around the pyramid and after five days of uninterrupted work, they gained 8650 observation points.
Researchers were able to obtain a good lateral resolution and while they gather good info on the upper part, it wasn’t in great detail.

What if pyramids are actually giant energy machines that harness the worlds natural energy?
What if pyramids are actually giant energy machines that harness the world’s natural energy?

Researchers said that all the data was obtained by “indirect observations”.

Geophysics has given us an answer, which has generated more questions which we hope archaeology can help us understand.
The research, funded by the UNAM, will be presented at an international geophysical conference in Turin, Italy, in September.

Let us know what you think about pyramid and their ability to harness and amplify energy.

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