Experts Warn Of 90,000 Instant Deaths And Nuclear Winter If Yellowstone Erupts


(INTELLIHUB) — Scientists have long debated the odds of the supervolcano resting underneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park erupting. With some believing it is unlikely to happen anytime soon and others thinking that it is only a matter of time, the public at large has been left with more questions than answers.

Although no one truly knows when or if the supervolcano will blow, the fact remains that there has been an increasing number of signs that point to an eruption in the near future which makes educating the American people as to what this would actually look like all the more important.

Thankfully, between research conducted in alternative media/thinking circles and studies put out by more establishment type scientists, one can paint a reasonably clear picture as to the horror that would be unleashed on the United States if the supervolcano did erupt.


In a recent in-depth report published by the website HowStuffWorks, experts revealed what they believe would happen in the immediate aftermath of a Yellowstone eruption and it doesn’t bode well for the country, especially when you consider all of the signs of a coming eruption and the possible censorship (more on this below) of USGS data to cover up this fact.

The eruption, “could be expected to kill as many as 90,000 people immediately” and “spread a 10-foot layer of molten ash as far as 1,000 miles from the park.”

Besides the hundreds of thousands of people instantly killed after the eruption, an even more serious issue would arise after which some experts have called a nuclear winter.

“Sulfuric gases released from the volcano would spring into the atmosphere and mix with the planet’s water vapor. The haze of gas that could drape the country wouldn’t just dim the sunlight — it also would cool temperatures. Falling temperatures would do a number on our food supply, decimating crops and throwing the food chain out of whack by leaving those at the bottom with little to eat.”

The above video is key because it condenses research from multiple different sources and studies into an easy to understand video report. With that being said, it is far from the only information available. Just as important (if not more) are the articles and videos published by the alternative media on the Yellowstone supervolcano in the last few years.

Global Governance As A Solution

While a vast majority of the world’s inhabitants support and want their respective government’s to prepare for the possibility of a supervolcano eruption, leading scientists have actually called for a sort of world government to prepare for and respond to these possible extinction level events.

In a report published by the European Science Foundation, researchers actually added credence to the belief that an eruption at Yellowstone or some other volcano is imminent before laying out a series of proposals on how best to mitigate and respond to this very real possibility.

“Calling the threat of low-frequency, high impact events, “grossly underestimated,” in disaster risk reduction plans worldwide, the report highlights the fact that, “large volcanic eruptions have the potential to impact climate, anthropogenic infrastructure and resource supplies on a global scale.

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The 72 page report is chalked full of interesting facts and, overall, paints a picture of a world struggling to grasp the dangers posed by these rarely occurring disasters.

Numerous actions that the scientists believe the world should take to prepare are listed in the report, including everything from money to global scientific frameworks and governance.”

“Several elements are needed to reduce the global risk associated with extreme geohazards:”

  • a global scientific framework for strategic extreme geohazards science in support of warnings, preparedness, mitigation and response to minimise the impacts of extreme geohazards
  • scenario contingency planning to create the knowledge needed to reduce the risk by addressing systemic weaknesses that could lead to cascading effects
  • increase of risk awareness through dissemination of information on the global risk associated with extreme geohazards
  • a global monitoring system to provide early warning for emerging extreme volcanic eruptions
  • an informed global governance system capable of responding to emerging global threats and coordinating measures to increase preparedness and general resilience with the goal of reducing the global disaster risk.

While the reports authors do not fully explain what an “informed global governance system” actually means, one can imagine that it involves the United Nations as well as taking away the ability for individual nations to make decisions based on the interests of their own countries.

‘1000 Mile Swath of the U.S. May be Destroyed Within 2 Weeks From an Extinction Level Event’

In late January 2015, a report by and subsequent article by Intellihub News Shepard Ambellas, caused an uproar on social media after a park geologist stationed at Yellowstone made a series of startling statements.

The KSFY report first notes how destructive the eruption would be and how it would directly hurt our food supply. (further highlighting the need to prepare with storeable food etc)

“If Yellowstone had a super eruption right now […] crops would be lost, making it impossible to feed cattle which would die. Grocery store prices would skyrocket as meat, grains and milk would be in short supply. Face masks would be mandatory as breathing in volcanic ash is essentially the same as breathing in small particles of glass.” And all of this would lead to a Mad Max-like scenario across the U.S.”

KSFY then quotes the park geologist, Hank Hessler, who makes it clear that those monitoring the park can literally only accurately predict if an eruption is imminent within a two-week span.

“Now what do we mean by foreseeable future? I would say, you know a couple of weeks, and that’s what I would say with certainty,” Hessler said in response to a question on when an eruption was likely.

Multiple Countries Sign Contract to House Displaced U.S. Citizens 

In April 2014 multiple foreign news outlets reported that South Africa had denied a secret request by the U.S. government to house Americans after an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Although the reports were never published by the mainstream American press, one can imagine that news outlets in other countries are more willing to report information that the U.S. government doesn’t want released.

As Shepard Ambellas noted at the time, “According to a recent report, the African National Congress (ANC) recently turned down a $10B a year disaster management plan offered by the United States to house American citizens who may become displaced in the event that the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts.

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.”

Also according to the report,“Brazil, Argentina and Australia” jumped on the bandwagon, accepting the request from Washington.”

You can read a translated version of the article published in a Pakistani publication here.

Army Corps of Engineers Seeking ‘Civilian Workers’ Ahead of ‘Impending National Disaster’?

Even more recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published a solicitation for civilian workers ahead of a potential national disaster. Posted at the website, it notes that that the job applicants must be willing to work for up to four years.

Temporary or TERM Position; may be extended up to a maximum of four years. Intermittent/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligibles within the commuting area of Kennewick, WA.

Employees occupying these positions will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US. Employees must pass a stringent medical screening and be prepared to live and work in extremely austere conditions. Work schedule will initially be arduous, with much overtime. Sleeping arrangements may be limited to using a sleeping bag or in the vehicle used to move from location to location. The duty station for pay purposes for these positions is Kennewick, WA with possible 75% or Greater Business Travel in various locations throughout the US.

While many first connected this recent job posting to the massive realistic urban military training exercise known as Jade Helm, it sounds much more likely to be in response to top officials believing some sort of “natural” disaster is on the way.

USGS Censorship of Earthquake Data

While direct censorship of earthquake data by the USGS has not be fully confirmed, several different accounts provide circumstantial evidence that this is indeed happening.

From claims by many of disappearing data, to a now infamous YouTube video purporting to show an email from a USGS source, we could very well be seeing a massive operation to limit scientific data.


Regardless whether or not you specifically believe that an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano will happen in you or your families lifetime, the facts point to an increased possibility with official sources even admitting a 5-10% chance of happening.

A possible eruption at Yellowstone, coupled with a documented increase in preparation for some sort of collapse or martial law scenario in America highlight the fact that all awake individuals should be doing whatever is within their means to prepare for, at the very least, some sort of disruption of the food supply.

You can do this in a variety of ways, whether it be simply buying extra canned food every time you visit the grocery store or deciding to buy a few months or even years of storeable freeze dry food. (Perhaps even supporting Intellihub News and a Patriot owned company at the same time)

No one can completely predict what is in store for this country but at this point it seems insane to pretend that all will continue to be normal although some, especially with Yellowstone, are doing just that.

As KSFY noted, “The people who actively watch this situation seemingly fall into two camps: those who think the Yellowstone volcano will never erupt again and those who think it will happen tomorrow.”


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