Apocalyptic-Looking Storm Thundering Twords Britian

This Apocalyptic-Looking Thunderstom Is About To Smash Its Way Across Britain

Dramatic satellite images show the gigantic thunderstorm that is about to smash its way across Britain.

The apocalyptic-looking weather front has come across from France – and is sparking fears that up to 50mm of rain will fall over the next two days.

That’s roughly what we usually endure over the course of an entire month in August.

The Met Office, which released the pictures on its Twitter feed, has issued severe weather warnings for Wales and all English regions.

Torrential rain and thunderstorms are expected to hit everywhere apart from the North East today.


“An area of heavy and thundery rain over southern England will push erratically northwards during the day bringing the potential for torrential downpours in places,” the Met Office said on its Twitter feed.

“The public should be aware of a significant risk of localised disruption due to surface water flooding. Lightning and hail are likely to be additional hazards,” it added.

“More than 30 mm of rain may fall in a relatively short space of time in some places whilst locally in excess of 70 mm is possible in just a few hours,” it ended.

AA head of roads policy Paul Watters said flash flooding could pose a risk for drivers.

“The AA advises drivers to keep an ear out for local weather warnings and traffic news, and be prepared to encounter flooding,” he said.

Original Article:http://news.yahoo.com/this-apocalyptic-looking-thunderstom-is-about-to-115145356.html

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