‘Intolerable Levels’ Of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found In Human Breast Milk


While debate has broken out regarding the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, is “probably carcinogenic”, another study reveals concerning affirmation as to why the WHO’s finding needs to be taken more seriously.

When the Green Party tested 16 women from different regions all over Germany, it found traces of the chemical glyphosate appearing in breast milk at ‘intolerable levels’, more than enough to harm a developing baby and its mother.

Glyphosate in breast milk were found to be between 0.210 and 0.432 nanograms per millilitre (PPB). Drinking water is allowed to have no more than 0.100 nanograms of glyphosate.

Professor of Toxicology at the University of Oldenburg, Irene Witte, described the findings as “intolerable”. She stated:

“I would never have guessed that the quantities are so high.”

While it is to be noted that the initial sample size of the tests was small, Witte believes it should be expanded, as the findings are clearly indicative of a major concern. The 16 women indicate that larger sections of the population are being poisoned with glyphosate – a proven carcinogen to the environment and Earth’s inhabitants.

We agree with Professor Witte, who explained that any chemical proven to cause cancer should not be tolerated in our food supply in any amount. And glyphosate isn’t the chemical produced by Monsanto determined to be carcinogen: 2, 4-D, DDT, and Lindane were also recently declared to be cancer-causing. It seems Monsanto has a lot of explaining and cleaning up to do.

Concerning the “intolerable” amount of glyphosate residues found in breast milk, Witte commented:

“There is no upper limit you can then put on the quantity. Every molecule could cause cancer.”

Bärbel Höhn, the chair of the Environmental Committee in the Bundestag (German parliament), said:

“The government needs to take glyphosate out of circulation until the question of its links to cancer has been cleared up.”

And many companies and countries agree. Given the news that glyphosate is, as many have long suspected, dangerous to health, Bermuda, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands all took action and banned it from being used within their borders.

But how long will other countries wait before following suit?

Original Article:http://www.ewao.com/a/1-intolerable-levels-of-monsantos-glyphosate-found-in-human-breast-milk-


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