Food Storage Supplies Running Out Nation-Wide As Citizens Prepare For September Events

(NaturalNews) A recent investigation by an alternative news website turned up a shocking truth: Due to huge demand, a growing number of storable food companies are experiencing dramatic shortages of virtually all goods, meaning that, should a regional or national emergency strike, millions of Americans will be left with nothing to eat and completely dependent on an understaffed, underfunded government.

As reported by (ANP), correspondents for the news site began visiting a number of survival food websites in July, with the goal of ordering some essential bulk food items that included potatoes, carrots, mangoes, peaches, powdered eggs and powdered milk, among other items. But the more they shopped, the more they found notices on the survival food sites stating that supplies were either low or temporarily out of stock.

Only, the warnings did not say that stocks would be immediately replenished; rather, the site reported, some food items would take weeks to restock.

Upon returning to those sites a few days later, the situation had become even more dire: Many sites weren’t even certain when stocks of some items would be replaced.

“While both Preparewise and Buy Emergency Foods EXPECT these items to be back in stock in 3 to 4 weeks, the fact that both of these websites are experiencing overwhelming demand and currently COMPLETELY out of some of the most basic food groups should tell everybody a few things,” ANP reported. “Americans are buying up these products in HUGE numbers as more and more Americans have come to expect a reason to need these items at some point in the future.

“If you are one of those people who has waited until now to buy your survival food for emergencies, we hope you’re able to stock up before none of these items are available. As stated above, there are still a number of websites that are still selling bulk items and this webpage lists their favorite top 10 sites,” ANP said.

While it is uncertain exactly what is fueling demand, ANP suggested that the proprietors of one survival retailer, Preparewise, thinks it has something to do with a “September event.” The retailer, and ANP, did not elaborate.

Run on survival foods related to Jade Helm 15?

An update to the original story noted that, while many retailers still had a number of products, if demand were to surge due to some event, those supplies would vanish in 24 hours.

“We have been informed that several outlets still have many products and supplies available but when panic hits, they will all be gone in a day. From what we understand, Ready Reserve Foods is one of the online retailers that still has a great deal of stock remaining as does Ready Made Resources according to sources,” ANP reported.

Natural News has long reported on the need for families and individuals to prepare for a time when, due to natural disaster, riots, war or an economic collapse, “the system” of civil society breaks down and it is impossible to rely on existing infrastructures of electricity and food distribution, police protection, military defense and banking.

No sense waiting until the last moment

In January, using the example of economic collapse, we reported on how to cut costs and prepare for a day when, perhaps, the U.S. dollar loses its value.

But there is lots of additional information on the Web; a Good Gopher search using the phrase “survive a collapse” turned up thousands of articles.

As for the “September event,” some believe it could be tied to the current U.S. military Special Forces exercise known as “Jade Helm 15.” Begun in mid-July and involving more than 1,000 special operations forces from nearly all service branches, the exercise is scheduled to conclude in mid-September.

Either way, it sounds as if there is a run on survival foods, so if you are in need of such items, there is no time like the present. You can easily find a number of online retailers to purchase survival supplies by searching, the world’s first search engine that filters out government and corporate disinformation.


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