“Classified” JADE HELM Docmuments Allude To “Martial Law”, May Go “Hot”, “Enemy Combatants” To Be Rounded Up

special forces

(INTELLIHUB) — Newly leaked and “classified” JADE HELM documents reveal how the military has preplanned for “martial law” in America “if zone 1 and 2 to go hot.”

This revelation comes as a big concern to some after the massive Spec Ops exercise dubbed “JADE HELM 15″ officially started Wednesday.

Under “guidelines” for martial law “persons determined to be enemy combatants” will be “sent to a centralized holding facility” at “Reese AFB” which is located in Lubbock, Texas.

Source: U.S. Army Special Command

“U.S. Government officials” and even a “DoD review panel” will then make a “threat assessment” of the detainee to better determine if he or she meets the requirements to be sent to another, more hardened, facility located in Sedona, Arizona for further processing as outlined in the document excerpt below.

Source: U.S. Army Special Command

Shockingly this all dovetails with the fact that the White House has already giving Spec Ops the green light to use lethal force on American citizens.

Original Article:https://www.intellihub.com/jade-helm-documents-allude-martial-law-may-go-hot-enemy-combatants-to-be-rounded-up/


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