Kentucky Council Blocks Cross Monument

cross fort jefferson memorial cross park us 51 wickliffe kentucky

Liberty Counsel is poised to file a lawsuit after the City of Somerset, Kentucky, has arbitrarily mis-categorized a cross monument as a “sign” and denied Cross Ministries, Inc.’s request for a building permit to erect the monument on private property next to U.S. Highway 27.

Somerset’s denial of a building permit for the 60-foot Monument Cross is based on the City classifying the Christian faith as a “commodity;” or an “entertainment sold or offered,” and the cross being a “billboard.” It is illegal for the City to twist the sign ordinance to ban the Cross, Liberty Counsel Attorney Richard Mast said in an initial letter to the city.

On June 18, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an unconstitutional sign ordinance applied to religious expression, in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona. “Liberty Counsel submitted an amicus brief in that case, and is quite capable of litigating the issues involved in this instance, if necessary,” Liberty Counsel told Mayor Eddie Girdler in a June 19, 2015 final letter to the City.
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