National Education Association Votes To End Religious Freedom

As we alerted you last week, the National Education Association with approximately 3 million members was set to vote on a measure to oppose religious freedom restoration acts ( RFRAs) during its annual meeting being held this year in Orlando.

The vote was taken Friday, July 3, and the resolution passed on a voice vote about 2/3 in favor and 1/3 opposed.

You can read adopted resolution HERE.

During the NEA assembly on the Fourth of July, more abomination occurred. One woman delegate took the microphone on the floor of the convention to propose “marriage” to her female partner.

And the president of the union, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, gave a short history during her keynote address of notable civil rights’ events in American history. And then she said this:

And one week ago—after considering the arguments, including an NEA amicus brief arguing that state discrimination against same-sex married couples deprives them and their children of the fundamental dignity, benefits and rights that other couples and their children enjoy—the Supreme Court decided on our side and on the right side of history. And my son, Jeremy, called me and said, ‘Ma! Mike and I are no longer living in sin!’ My son and Mike are legally married in the great state of Utah.

There is reportedly another new business item in the works affirming homosexual and gender-bending lifestyles and lessons in our public schools. The convention wraps up this week.
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