California Passes Mandatory Vaccination Bill For Public Schools

California lawmakers approve mandatory vaccinations at public schools

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s Assembly on Thursday approved a hotly contested bill requiring that nearly all public schoolchildren be vaccinated, clearing one of its last major legislative obstacles before the measure heads to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown.

The bill aims to increase immunization rates after a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland in December sickened over 100 people in the US and Mexico.

It would give California one of the nation’s strictest vaccine laws by striking the state’s personal-belief exemption. Only children with serious health issues would be allowed to opt out of mandatory vaccine schedules. Unvaccinated children would need to be homeschooled.

“Do we wait until we have a full-fledged crisis to protect the most vulnerable?” Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) asked as she presented the bill.

The measure passed on a bipartisan 46-30 vote after weeks of vocal opposition, with thousands of parents donning red shirts to protest at the Capitol. Two Republican assemblywomen joined the Democratic majority in support.

The Senate already approved the bill once, but still must approve amendments before it is sent to Brown, a Democrat.

Brown has not said whether he would sign the bill authored by Democratic Sens. Richard Pan of Sacramento and Ben Allen of Santa Monica.

Opponents of the vaccine bill have already taken out paperwork to recall at least two senators who voted for the proposal.

Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) said Thursday that he and Pan have been targeted for recall. Monning said his district, which includes Santa Cruz, has a high number of parents who seek vaccine exemptions for their children and he has had to shut down his district office out of safety concerns.

Opposition was fierce during the Assembly debate. Both Democrats and Republicans spoke against the loss of parental autonomy.

“We do not have the right, nor should we have the power, to take away a parent’s right to choose,” said Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia).

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  1. Reblogged this on KymbersPassionateWorries and commented:
    Sickening news. This is not a step forward, it’s another step towards living in a police state. Oh, and more kids will die or be damaged permanently by vaccines, being their ingriediences/adjuvants are toxic to human bodies, especially little ones.

    💉 🔫

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  2. Everyone I can think of, including myself, had measles in childhood, and not one of us died from it. The sickness can on rare occasions fause problems, but those problems are not as frequent nor as harmful as vaccinations.

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  3. Oh god. I remember when my two sons were born (twins) this nurse came in and wanted to shoot them up with a hepatitis b vaccine after they had only been out for like 30 minutes. We said no way, but I was appalled at how fast the vaccine pushers were coming at us. Now I gotta convince my ex that we need to homeschool our kids. Damnit.

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