Trainload Of UP-Armored Humvees With Special COMM Equipment Linked To ‘Homeland Defense Operations’

(INTELLIHUB) — Up-armored “Humvees” and “Striker units” with a “peculiar satellite” and a “green dome antennae in the back,” were spotted on rail trains recently in both “Oregon” and “California,” according to a video posted by Dave Action Reporting on YouTube Monday.

The strange equipment is a “non-standard military frequency” likely “KU satellite” which is being used in lieu of the “50MHZ long-wire antennae in back” which has about a “50-mile range.”

Amazingly, Dave was able to link the units to a General Dynamics product suitable for “Homeland Defense operations” and “disaster recovery” with capabilities to include “reliable, high-data rate communications to quickly deploy and control field units and advise action teams of changing situations” along with “instant transmission and reception of video, voice and data.”

Dave Action Reporting/YouTube

An excerpt from General Dynamics C4 Systems website reads:

The rugged WarriorTM family of terminals operates in C, X, Ku, and Ka bands and range in antenna size from less than 1 Meter to 6.3-Meters. Warrior terminals are designed to support a wide range of applications to meet changing civil and military current and future force requirements. From Troposcatter to Satcom, Warrior’s fixed, mobile, man portable and transportable units deliver secure (COMSEC Type 1, TRANSEC Type 2) reliable high-data rate communications in the harshest conditions.

Our line of defense products provide the most flexible, easy-to-use global satcom communications link available today. Equipped with open standard, Common Network waveform, they deliver high data rate communications for true, Internet-quality video, voice and data. High-data rate communications is essential to meet rapid deployment situations, avoid friendly fire incidents and direct Homeland Defense first responders and disaster recovery teams.

General Dynamics C4 SystemsVia General Dynamics C4 Systems website

Being that the vehicles are essentially made to be deployed domestically, the recent sightings of such raise concern as JADE HELM 15 approaches.

If you or someone you know has any exclusive photographs, video footage, or information pertaining to military movements inside the U.S. please contact for publication.

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