Main Stream Media News Host Freaks Out Over Pope’s ‘Marxist’ Background, Calls Him ‘Most Dangerous Person On The Planet’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld (Screenshot)

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld accused Pope Francis of being “the most dangerous person on the planet” because he is seeking “strange new respect” from adversaries on climate change.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Five, the panel discussed the pontiff’s leaked encyclical that warns of “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” unless drastic changes to lifestyle and energy consumption are made globally. Gutfeld accused the pope of having a “Marxist” background and Malthusian belief system.

“And that is what the Pope is doing. He doesn’t want to be your grandfather’s pope. He wants to be a modern pope. All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandanna and he could be on Occupy Wall Street,” Gutfeld ranted, in a video clip procured by Media Matters.

In a conspiratorial-sounding diatribe, Gutfeld implied there was a link between the Pope’s supposed Malthusian belief in a looming overpopulation-related global catastrophe and climate change.

“He is a Malthusian. He is in bed with Malthus. He believes that the Earth is overpopulated… and remember he said Catholics have to stop breeding like rabbits? Do you remember where that came from? That’s a Malthusian belief. And Malthusians believe that the Earth is overpopulated and it would be nice if there were a few billion people less. How does that happen? Global warming.”

Juan Williams countered Gutfeld by saying he was politicizing something that wasn’t necessarily political.

“I think the problem for you is that you put it in a box of pure politics, left and right,” he said. “What about if the Pope is simply saying… we should do all we can to support God’s green earth. Is that so radical?”

Gutfeld responded, “Um, he has a Marxist background.”

Watch the entire segment below, from Media Matters:

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