Massive JADE HELM Movement


We have often heard the expression “Big Brother is watching,” well as this article proves, the message “we the people” are sending back to Big Brother, is we are watching you too!

It seems that many people in America are awakening to what is happening around them, questioning military exercises like Jade Helm 15 and the strange and bizarre Walmart closures in multiple locations, some in Jade Helm states, all citing “plumbing issues,” yet none obtaining permits for work to be done.

An amazing thing has been happening where concerned citizens are actively investigating, filming and reporting what they are seeing locally. Military movement all across the country is being documented and published on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. YouTube publishers are filming activity at different Walmarts around the country, specifically military or government vehicles using Walmarts as staging areas, for lack of a better term, where videographers and photographers and capturing not only the vehicles but in some cases the license plates proving they are government vehicles.

These people should be applauded, highlighted and thanked for taking time to document what is happening, and that is what we will do here.

First, for those that have not heard of Jade Helm 15:  From July 15th to September 15th of 2015, the US Army’s Green Berets, US Navy Seals, US Marines Special Ops Command and US Air Force Special Ops Command will be taking part in ‘Jade Helm 15’, 8 weeks of night time drills in 7 states in the southwestern portion of America in which the states of Texas and Utah are both labeled ‘hostile’ territory in the ‘drills.”

The leaked documents clearly stated this was practice for “unconventional warfare,” and not civil disobedience, a distinction carefully disected by former military, special intelligence veterans that determined that language to be “unprecedented and dangerous.”

Since that announcement, ANP has been receiving pictures, videos which document massive military movement, not just in Jade Helm states, but all throughout America.

While some theories suggest Jade Helm is a cover for martial law in America, others believe whether martial law is declared during those dates or not, the exercise itself is to prepare for martial law in the US at a later date….. and still others think there is nothing to see here, move along, it is all “normal” activity.

Whatever side of the fence you fall on, the activity itself is happening as will be shown below in a number of videos and details provided by a variety of people.

When seen all together, it is easy to understand why many believe something is going on, something big.

Author’s Note – While reporters and journalists have a number of sources, there is no better source to tell us what is happening in smaller towns, remote areas, neighborhoods and cities, than those that live there. ANP would like to thank each and every person that has emailed us with their experiences, pictures, videos and every person taking the time to monitor the situation in their area and publishing posts, pictures and videos to the Internet for all to see. If you have an experience to share or have seen strange events happening around you, email us at

What you will see below is a small, very small, sample of what is being seen and noticed and documented from one end of the country to the other which leads many to believe that our government is preparing for something huge and people are watching, recording and reporting it!

The first video below is from DAHBOOH777, who notes reports of military movement and incidents reported at a Texas Walmart, via a Facebook posting, which he published on May 11, 2015, with the details stating “The following was posted on Facebook a few hours ago. It look similar to the military equipment I did another video on, but this equipment is on a different flatbed. Both incidents happening at Walmart In Texas.”

The image above the video is from that FB posting:


Via a Facebook Jade Helm Watch group on May 5, 2015:

This morning, 7am, getting onto the New Jersey Turnpike coming from joint base McGuire-Ft.Dix there were 4 tractor trailers painted green camouflage carrying wood crates that were not that sturdy and camouflage generators heading north towards New York. I couldn’t get video or pics there were cops in the area. I live just outside the base and air traffic has been picking up as of late.

The witness later specified they were definitely military tractor trailers.

On May 10, 2015, a 22 second video was published, taken on Highway 99, near Chico CA., showing more military movement.

The next image is from a short video, listed as coming from Stanton, Texas, on Facebook from May 9, 2015:


On May 11, 2015, a video of military aircraft taken in Phoenix, Arizona was published, with the details stating “Been noticing a large uptick of military traffic above my head… You can find a lot of recent videos and photos of mass military movement across the country… and the world. A prelude to war? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” (Note – Videographer warns – If you dont like the music, then mute it.)

On May 10, 2015, we see that there is also military movement being noticed in Rhode Island, showing that these things are being noticed 1) from one end of the country to the other and 2) in states supposedly not participating in the Jade Helm 15 exercises.

Published on May 11, 2015 but taken on May 10th, a YouTube user named “commando chick,” updated her previous observations from April 2015, of the BraNdon Walmart, one of those that closed suddenly due to “plumbing issues,” and made some observations, including hearing a “weird, continuous ringing noise,” which can be heard at the end of the next video.

On May 6, ProfessorDoom2, covers “some interesting information regarding Operation Jade Helm 15 Officials and what they said about this exercise. The Walmart Storage Containers also may have a DoD use and the meaning of the usage fits with the Kansas Walmart footage we saw with the Fences being put up there. Also Walmart Corp is making changes to policy that you may find interesting.” (Seen below)

On May 9, 2015, DAHBOO discusses some unclassified documents, described in the details as follows:

Recently released unclassified documents reveal Biloxi’s acting Mayor Kenny Glavan signed an agreement with SOCOM Air and Ground Special Forces authorizing the military to conduct Jade Helm 15 exercises in Biloxi this Summer.

The agreement allows SOCOM to conduct ground, air, and maritime maneuvers in the city from August 1 to August 8, 2015. US military personnel will conduct “full mission profile training” at three locations:

160 E 5th Street, Biloxi, MS– Jimmy Buffett’s Magaritaville Casino, a 68,000 sq ft waterfront property on Back Bay that closed in September 2014. 

During the Jade Helm 15 exercises, military personnel will use helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and maritime vessels to stage an extraction on 45-65 Ground Troops from the area. 

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