Polish Bank Introduces Mobile ATM You Can Summon With App


The Idea Bank has deployed a fleet of cars with ATMs for entrepreneurs to make mobile deposits, though only in Warsaw for now.

Have you ever needed to deposit a fat stack of cash, but didn’t want to travel to a bank? Poland’s Idea Bank has bolted ATMs into a fleet of cars that can be ordered via a smartphone app for no-fee deposits, wherever you are, even late at night. As long as you’re in Warsaw, Poland.

The initiative, Mobile Wplatomat, is limited to the Polish capital, where Idea Bank is based. Just download the app (for free), set up a time for the car to arrive, and deposit your money without paying fees or commission. The ATM service appears to be restricted to deposit-only. While it’s only open in Warsaw right now, Idea Bank is asking for the next city to set up an ATMobile fleet.

Watch Here:

Idea Bank chose electric BMW i3s to outfit with outward-facing ATMs for the mobile deposit initiative, which The Verge sees as a shrewd choice for using green cars whose 80-mile maximum range fits within the Warsaw limits.

Original Article:http://www.fastcompany.com/3045960/fast-feed/polish-bank-introduces-mobile-atms-you-can-summon-with-an-app

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