Humvees And Military Vehicles Spotted In Arkansas And Louisiana As Jade Helm Military Build-Up Continues

With Jade Helm on the horizon footage showing military movements throughout the country continues to pour in

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last few months we have seen a huge influx of reported military movements across the country. From California to Texas, military vehicles have been filmed and photographed at an increasing and alarming rate.

Many have argued over whether or not this massive military buildup is simply summertime training or part of a larger plan involving Jade Helm 2015. Although no one truly knows, reports from concerned citizens continue to come in.

New video footage, this time out of Texarkana, Arkansas, is adding to these fears and increasing speculation as to what lies ahead for the American people. The footage first shows a convoy of Humvees driving down the highway and then goes on to highlight a trainload of military vehicles that was seen shortly after.

A message from the concerned citizen (via FreedomFighter2127) read:

“I was on my way to the Barksdale AFB Airshow and shortly after leaving Texarkana, AR I encountered a convoy of Humvees going towards Texarkana. Some were desert camo but most were green.

After the airshow I went to eat at a restaurant at the Horseshoe Casino in Shreveport, LA where I encountered a train of military vehicles.

Most were desert. I don’t believe either of these had any connection to the airshow but they may have some connections to Jade Helm.”

Responses to the video include, among other theories, warnings about Jade Helm and a possible asteroid impact in September. One comment in particular stood out:

What is really strange is the diversity of equipment being deployed. You don’t need medical trucks if you are discreetly deploying special ops personnel within a target community. The trucks on this train appear to be an incident command structure on wheels, again not necessary for the limited scope as presented from the beginning.

This new footage comes amid many other reports of some sort of military buildup across the country. Just days ago a large convoy of military vehicles was photographed traveling along a highway in Indiana.

“New information on the massive military buildup in this country continues to come in, this time in the form of photographs taken in Indiana that show a military convoy heading down the freeway,” read an Intellihub report.

“These photos only add further documentation to the widespread military buildup leading into Jade Helm 2015. From Big Springs, Texas to California, evidence of some sort of buildup is simply impossible to ignore.”

See Photos: Military convoy spotted in Indiana as massive buildup to Jade Helm 2015 continues

military convoy

Early last week another convoy was filmed, this time in California. The convoy stretched, “as far as the eye can see.”

“A description on the video claims that the convoy was headed east away from California and that it could have reached as far as Texas at this point. The video also shows military vehicles positioned outside a Texas Walmart and an array of military equipment in Oregon that the photographer noted was much more than is usually at the site.”

“A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point.”

While it is absolutely possible that all the recent military movements are completely normal and are causing a overaction due to the fears leading up to Jade Helm, it is also possible that they are evidence of a larger plan or, at the very least, documentation of the beginning of Jade Helm 2015.

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