Does ‘Propaganda’ Photo Show Obama With Divine Power?


Twitter users took to task a presidential photo released from the White House that appears to show the commander in chief shooting a rainbow from his finger as he embarks on a plane trip.

The photo catches Obama with his arm raised high, ostensibly saying goodbye. But the photographer captured a rainbow in the background, strategically placed in line with his arm. The White House tweeted the photo with this text: “‘With hard work and hope, change is always within our reach.’ – President Obama.”

David Limbaugh’s book chillingly documents the destructive “transformation” of the United States — get “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic”

Social media users were quick to comment.

One wrote: “Holy propaganda, Batman. This would make any third-world dictator proud,” Mediaite found.

Another: “@WhiteHouse I’m absolutely speechless, because I’m laughing too hard to speak. Seriously?”

A third: “Worst thing about the @WhiteHouse Obama rainbow shot: that they still see him this way, or that some still fall for it?”

And yet one more: “@WhiteHouse this is simply terrible.”

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