North Korea Threatens USA With ‘Disasterous Final Doom’


North Korea released a warning against the United States on Wednesday, saying that “the time of the nightmare is near.” The warning came after North Korea threatened that the U.S would experience “the most disastrous final doom in its mainland.” The hostile response was in regards to further talks in regards to long-stalled six-nation talks on denuclearization, which North Korea has decided they want no part in. Instead, they have decided to use their nuclear force to prove that they cannot be persuaded by nations larger than themselves.

North Korea did not give an exact or approximate date of the supposed “final doom” attack. However, according to L’Agence France-Presse, North Korea intends to respond to anything it deems as a threat from the United States, whether it be cyber or nuclear in nature.

North Korea’s National Defense commission (NDC) televised their statement after President Barack Obama made a remark that the secluded nation will eventually collapse under its own powers. In response, the NDC called President Obama’s administration a “cesspool.”

ABC News translated the televised threat, sharing that North Korea will not hesitate to counterattack the United States with nuclear force, and will “bring the U.S. to an early demise” via cyber or nuclear warfare. The NDC went on to eqaute the United States to a band of wanna-be gangsters.

“The U.S. had better know clearly that our means in ground, naval, underwater, air and cyberwarfare, including nuclear strike capability, which are miniaturized, precise and diversified, will be used by our people and army who display the strongest mental power and indomitable ideology and Juche-oriented [self-reliance] strategy and tactics and unique war methods are unprecedented in the human history of wars, which the gangster-like U.S. imperialists can never think of or imitate.”

Both the United States and North Korea have been in talks in regards to having intellectual discussions regarding the possession of nuclear weapons and ways that getting rid of them may become beneficial to North Korea. However, the talks seems stalled from the onset. North Korea did share, last month, that they would suspend foreseeable future testing, if the Unites States would cancel military drills in South Korea.

The video is being classified as propaganda for its residents, fluffing the stature of North Korea and diminishing the capability of the United States. However, the threats are being take seriously as a watchful eye falls on Kim Jong-un’s nation.

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