BBC News: Large Sinkhole Appears On Golf Course

Sinkhole on Traigh Golf CourseThe sinkhole appeared following heavy rain

A large sinkhole has appeared near a green on the UK mainland’s most westerly golf course.

The 9ft (3m) deep, 22ft (7m) long hole was caused by heavy rain washing away a drain running under part of Traigh Golf Course, near Mallaig.

The club is now having to find money to help it pay the estimated £16,000 cost of the repairs needed.

The sinkhole has been fenced off and the nine-hole course remains open to members.

Sinkhole on Traigh Golf CourseA dog, top right, shows the scale of the sinkhole
Sinkhole on Traigh Golf Course
The golf club will have to raise thousands of pounds to repair the damage

Traigh, between Arisaig and Mallaig, is known as one of Scotland’s most picturesque courses because of its views to Skye and the Small Isles.

The club’s insurance will cover some of the cost of the repairs, but it still expects to have to raise thousands of pounds.

About 200 tonnes of sand will be needed to fill the hole near the seventh green.

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