Sufferers Of New Disease Morgellons Called Crazy, Want Answers

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Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is a condition whose sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with disease-causing agents described as things like insects, parasites, hairs or fibers, but in reality no such things are present.[1]

Sufferers may exhibit a range of cutaneous symptoms such as crawling, biting, and stinging sensations (formication), unusual fibers in the skin, and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores). These symptoms have been identified by a range of medical experts[2] including dermatologists,[3] entomologists,[4] and psychiatrists,[5] as consistent with delusional parasitosis (DP or DOP).[1] Some cases of self-diagnosed Morgellons have been more accurately diagnosed as known skin disorders.[3]

The name was coined in 2002 by Mary Leitao,[6] whose “Morgellons Research Foundation” and its self-diagnosed patients successfully lobbied members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the condition.[2][7] CDC researchers issued the results of their multi-year study in January 2012, indicating that there were no disease organisms present in Morgellons patients, the fibers found consisted mainly of cellulose, which the CDC suggested were likely cotton, and concluded that, in these respects, the condition was “similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation”.[8][9]


New burn tested fiber photos non-cellulose. Original fiber before burning. 

Fiber below is the same fiber as above after

 a 30 second with a butane flame.  Outer casing did not burn. A blue polymer fiber ejected from outer fiber. This second smaller teal fiber which also had bulges in it would indicates that a third substance was inserted  within smaller teal fiber.  All fibers are not same.  Some blue fibers are cellulose and others are nanotechnology polymers and carbon.  A double walled nanotube is my best guess.

For more nanotube info:

Hey CDC do you think this is cotton? Why didn’t you find anything like this in your study?

Inside an ulcerous lesion-300x What is that blue speck?

Cobalt blue plaques seem to form where  blue gel fibers have emptied the material from inside of them. I believe that these plaques mature and become the blue specks.

Blue speck 450x found in lesion

Pressed on blue speck above with needle and individual baby fiber forms have appeared.

More pressing with needle reveals a colony of individual forms. The lifecycle is complete.

Big red fiber filled with large white cells.

Two halves of a large fiberball removed from lesion. Clearly, these fibers are not textile threads.

Motile (crawling) “sugar snakes” AKA polysaccharide strands next 3 photos.

Photo of strands above at 400x magnification.

Strange tissue found inside a lesion.

Dictyosetlium-hybrid amoeba form with blue fiber inside.

Typical crust from lesions with clear fibers growing from it.

Red glowing gel-filled fiber.

Typical crust from lesion with embedded fibers and fiber growth.

 Brittle glass-like plaque found by many in lesions.

Crust with teal and fuchsia gel fibers.

The clear or white fibers are growths from the crust itself.

Unusual fiber displaying multiple metallic fibers aligned within.

This is the reverse casing side of fiber above.

Typical embedded colored fibers and clear fiber growth on a crust.

Polymer crust with growth and embedded fibers. Note the texture, shine and unusual structure of a crust on a Morgellons lesion. These fibers were on the inside of the crust.

This hexagon is a nano device that has been identified.  See all of the videos at YouTube by SkizitgestureLink “HERE” for the video with an explanation of this structure.

Crust from lesion

Inside a lesion-250x

Inside a lesion-250x

Scab from top of Morgellons lesions next 2 photos.  Embedded fibers within the scab/crust are not visible until removed from the lesion. Crust is impermeable and blood residue floats off with an application of hydrogen peroxide to reveal the solid polymer crust.


More crusts and fibers shown below.

These crusts are a work in progress and are a living form.  Eventually the goo turns into a solid fiber mass.

Here is an example of a goo covered hair. (the same goo that forms the plaques/scabs) This strand of  hair that was placed on a slide for one year with surprising results.

Hair photo taken the day it was removed.

Same hair strand 1 year later inside slide with cover slip.  See all the fibers?

Take a good look at this crust, there is a gel spider that has formed. Check out the Bio-insects page. “Here”


No one has all of these symptoms

The Morgellons Research Foundation (since closed) has identified ninety-three specific symptoms associated with Morgellons.  Morgellons is a name that is used to define a cluster of symptoms that are systemic in nature. They effect several different systems in your body.

It is really good news to know that approximately 35% of Morgellons sufferers ever experience the open weeping lesions that is so often referred to on the Internet. Typically Morgellons lesions are one of the last symptoms to express themselves. Most often people complain about cognitive issues, and a biting, scratching or movement in the scalp. These are the most pervasive symptoms for the majority of Morgellons sufferers.

Often times a Morgellons sufferers will forget what they’re saying mid-sentence. They feel embarrassed, sometimes angry that they’ve lost their train of thought when in fact this is a symptom of Morgellons and not their fault.

Many of the people that we have spoken to down through the years have lost their jobs, the love and respect of their families, and some have even lost their homes. Some have committed suicide because they thought it was the only way to eliminate their suffering. It most definitely is not. Here is the Morgellons Research Foundation’s list:

Morgellons Head and Scalp Symptoms

  • Bumps, lumps, lesions on head and scalp.
  • Visible “channels” or “tunnels” that look like raised veins on scalp or face.
  • Severe and frequent headaches that are confused for migraines.

Morgellons Brain Function (Cognitive) and Personality Symptoms

Morgellons lesions and fibers

  • Memory loss (short term, recent memory – “What was I saying?
    Where did I put my coffee mug? What did I do yesterday?”)
  • Brain fog – groggy, unclear thinking
  • Thought processing becomes very taxing, difficult
  • Unable to think of specific words when communicating
  • Writing, and especially spelling, becomes difficult
  • Inability to focus or concentrate – ADD/ADHD symptoms
  • Mood disorders and mood swings, including loss of temper
  • Libido – lack of (no sexual interest)
  • Loss of interest in things that normally interest you
  • Depression and/or confusion or disorientation
  • Personality changes, like loss of creativity or loss of existing skills
  • Neurological problems – clumsiness, stumbling while walking, impeded speech

Despite all these symptoms there is some fantastic news. When you take NutraSilver these symptoms are the very first ones to go away, it usually only takes a week or two. That’s 5great because these issues are the ones that really ruin your life and destroy your peace.

Using NutraSilver as suggested will eliminate most of your cognitive issues rather quickly and you’ll finally start feeling like yourself again. Welcome back your energy…

You’ll hear us say this a hundred times. You MUST follow the directions exactly. Following the specific protocol you’ll learn is critical to your healing. We’re not new at this. It is a fact that you must follow the instructions.

Morgellons Symptoms in Hair

  • Hair appearance – stiff, brittle and dry
  • Wiry, uncontrollable hairs replace normal hair
  • Hair texture and color may change as more “wiry” ones grow in
  • Hair loss
  • Small glob of clear sticky substance at root end of hair when it falls out,
    substance may coat hair shaft
  • Hair color does not adhere well to new hair growth

Morgellons eye specksMorgellons Symptoms in the Eyes

  • Floaters on eyeball surface
  • Loss of visual acuity
  • Increase in discharge, often stringy
  • Sandy or gritty feeling in eyes
  • Feeling of foreign objects in eyes but cannot locate or remove
  • Eyes are extra-sensitive to light
  • Eyesight is generally weakened
  • Night blindness
  • Eyelashes fall out, may be replaced with thick, wiry discolored lashes

Morgellons Symptoms in Ears

  • Ears itch as motile fibers move inside
  • Ears ring or beep (but ears are clean)
  • Ears become clogged due to sinus drainage
  • Ears develop excess thick hair which may emerge from inside ear and feel very deep-rooted

Morgellons Symptoms in Nose, Nostrils, Nasal Passages and Sinuses

  • Allergies or sinus problems – excessive congestion, mucus production
  • Mucus is thick, stringy, cohesive, dries into very hard substance –
    almost glue-like
  • Scents are not perceived correctly, may fluctuate from keen sensing ability to no ability to perceive any scent at all
  • Nostrils develop excess thick hair
  • Nostrils develop very sore pimples

Morgellons Symptoms in the Mouth and Throat

  • Teeth become sensitive, crack, chip, feel like they’re becoming hollow
  • Teeth become loose and/or fall out
  • Sore or tickling throat
  • Hacking cough
  • Constant sinus drainage
  • Glob of congestion always hanging at back of throat
  • Taste buds malfunction, may fluctuate from keen tasting ability to having no taste perception at all

Gargling with NutraSilver will eliminate sore throats rapidly. You’ll be shocked at how quickly that works.

Morgellons Symptoms on the Skin

Morgellons fibers and lesions This category of symptoms robs you of sleep and therefore, your sanity. A majority of Morgellons sufferers feel a weird crawling sensation as if there is something crawling on or under their skin… during the night this can easily upset your sleep and be a drain on your life.

  1. Crawling feeling on the skin, like invisible bugs
  2. Pinching, biting, stinging or prickling on the skin
  3. Lesions – itchy, sore or painful, very slow-healing with little or no infection sometimes containing “fuzz.”
  4. Crusts/scabs/callus-like formations on lesions – painful and difficult to remove because of tentacles clinging to flesh.
  5. Open cuts or wounds – very slow healing with little or no infection, sometimes containing “fuzz”.
  6. Objects described as “granules,” hard and crystal-like, similar in size and shape to sand grains, can occasionally be removed, or can emerge from either broken or intact skin.
  7. Objects described as “shards,” hard and crystal-like that are similar to glass that emerge from skin.
  8. Black seed-like “specks” or “dots” on, or in, the skin or emerging from lesions.
  9. Tiny “fuzzballs” in the lesions, emerging from lesions, and on (or falling from) intact skinMorgellons arm lesion
  10. Black tar-like substance coming from skin pores
  11. Skin texture – leathery, callus-like areas often where lesions had previously been located
  12. Growth of new wiry or thick hair over the top of where lesions had previously been
  13. Pimples – sore, long-lasting, can’t squeeze out – contents are removed in same fashion as a splinter and are moist but cohesive
  14. Rashes – unusual, appear/disappear rapidly for no apparent reason, also appear where adhesive portion of Band-Aid is applied
  15. Skin pigment changes (gets lighter or darker, more difficult to see in fair skin tones)
  16. Stationary or ‘creeping’ worm or wire-like structures can be seen just beneath the skin surface
  17. Skin loses its elasticity and appears to sag, especially when warm, less so when cold

NOTE: NEVER place NutraSilver directly on a lesion; it will heal and then create new lesions. The best regimen is to follow the instructions that come along with your order; take NutraSilver orally as described and within 5 weeks, most lesions will dry up and fall off.

Morgellons Physiological Symptoms of the Body

  • body really hurtsCannot sense temperature of water – water is very hot and it is not recognized
  • Alcohol/liquor intolerance
  • Appetite decrease or increase
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Food cravings or total lack of interest in food
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Swelling or edema, including breast edema, feet especially known for swelling
  • Back ache – lower back
  • Back pain – neck and shoulder pain
  • Chronic fatigue – total exhaustion, physical depletion
  • Insomnia during nighttime, or sleep abnormally long amounts (day and night)
  • Weakness – strength diminishes
  • Bloating
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle twitching or cramping
  • Dizziness, disorientation, vertigo
  • Seizures
  • Blood pressure problems (high or low)
  • Heart races or beats irregularly for no apparent reason
  • Liver problems
  • Abnormal overheating as well as temperature loss problems

really sick

  • Excessive sweating
  • Cannot stay in sun for prolonged periods without becoming ill
  • Drastic body temp fluctuations
  • New, normal temp runs lower or higher than your previous “normal”
  • Bowel habits change, loss of muscle control
  • Stools contain foreign-looking matter
  • Urine has foreign-looking matter (particles or black seeds, hair –
  • sometimes encased in mucus-like substance)
  • Incontinence
  • Immediate pain that occurs simultaneously to untouched lesions on other parts of the body
  • when another lesion is disturbed
  • Hardened splinter-like material beneath skin that is difficult to remove,
  • extremely painful, and odd in appearance once removed
  • Ingrown hair that is difficult to remove, extremely painful
  • Hair strands that are unusually thick or doesn’t look like other hair
  • Fingernails change shape and/or texture
  • Fiber or thread-like material emerging from the skin, or visible just beneath the skin – may be
  • black, white, tan, clear, red, blue, or rainbow colored. Some fibers may exhibit movement.
  • Lyme syndrome shares overlapping symptoms and the borellia bacteria with Morgellons syndrome(applies to human and animal lab results)
  • The best regimen is to follow the instructions that come with the package. Most symptoms will be gone in about 3 weeks or less.


  • Most Morgellons sufferers will have sought care from multiple medical care providers. A large
    • will have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis likely because of the unexplained skin lesions and sensations and psychiatric overlay. Unfortunately, almost none will have received an appropriate diagnostic physical examination (particularly a microscopic or biopsy examination of lesions), but will have been diagnosed by history alone with grossly incomplete observation.
    • Most of these Morgellons sufferers feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation.

    There is a Way Out of the Pain and Embarrassment

    Over the last 8 years, thousands of Morgellons sufferers have eliminated their symptoms and so can you.

    number will have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis likely because of the unexplained skin lesions and sensations and psychiatric overlay. Unfortunately, almost none will have received an appropriate diagnostic physical examination (particularly a microscopic or biopsy examination of lesions), but will have been diagnosed by history alone with grossly incomplete observation.

  • Most of these Morgellons sufferers feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation.


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