ANP: The Ultimate Betrayal Is About To Take Place – The Countdown Is On!


Story By Fred VanOlphen – All News Pipeline

(Editor’s Note: This is a reader submitted story. All News Pipeline will gladly publish original newsworthy stories from our readers. Send stories here. Videos proving points made in this story down below.)

Hi, my name is Fred VanOlphen.  You may have seen my posts on some of your pages.  I’m desperately trying to warn people, especially good people in the military, about what I know is coming.  Once they got rid of Hagel they had it sewn up.  I’m convinced they will launch coordinates on American cities.

I used to live in the BlueRidge foothills of North Carolina where I knew and associated with some high level CIA related people who as early as 15 years ago were in place waiting to go into underground facilities built into the BlueRidge (and other places) for what was stated as a Nuclear event that was DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN.  What’s more is that in discussing this it became clear that the U.S. military would annihilate it’s own people. I spent some time puzzling about that.  I’ve mulled over the details of conversations that I remember so clearly and what I couldn’t believe then has become perfectly clear in the last six months or so.

Our elite controlled government & military will shortly launch an assault on the people of the United States of America as well as those of other nations.  Russia & China will have to retaliate but that’s exactly what they want. The goal is simply to depopulate the surface world as much as possible so that when major earth-changes are finished they will emerge to rule the world.  This sounds way beyond insane, I know, but hear me out.  I’ll explain what I believe is the reason for their plan of action and why these plans were in place as early as 15 years ago below.

All this would be totally unprovable gossip to me except for one thing.  The 30 day ‘countdown site’ has appeared and it looks and behaves exactly as described.  The individual who divulged details about this website even offered to show it to me.  Unfortunately it was too far out there for me at the time.  I didn’t want to see it and after he described the top page I didn’t really even want to hear about it. Nothing this guy was telling me made sense. He proceeded non-the-less to describe the site in detail.  I know about this website, its purpose and a little about how it works.

The right people around the world keep an eye on that site daily (and I’m sure there are mirror sites) and take their cue from it so that they have a month to get themselves into their underground shelters once the countdown starts. I’m pretty sure he told me that the countdown shows on top for only two days and after that login is required. Anytime shortly after the countdown ends, the green eyes turn red and anyone still on the outside has 24 hours to head in. Nuclear events begin anytime after 24 hours.

I found out that the countdown had been activated recently only because I subscribe to your YouTube channel.  You always seems to point out interesting goings-on.  As soon as I saw it I recognized what this website was even though I hadn’t thought about this stuff for years.  I’m totally convinced that the site, [] is the countdown site described to me.  The images fit the description perfectly.  The count is also supposed to disappear on top after a couple days.  When the green eyes turn red it’s the 24 hr mark and everyone invited is supposed to be deep in the ground.
I believe in the next three weeks you will see the elite of this planet disappear into underground facilities.  If you see any of the rich and powerful on TV it will be either pre-recorded or being broadcast from deep in Area B or a similar site.

By Jan 30th they should all be in place. That is how you can know that this is for real. Trust me I would rather face ridicule for the rest of my life and be wrong about this.  However I’m sure the countdown to Armageddon is on.

So why would our ‘leaders’ and NATO want to purposely start WWIII?   What follows is simply my conjecture and hopefully won’t unhinge any of what I’ve already stated as to my actual experiences.  Our governments and the Vatican (heavily involved in astronomy due to Fatima) have been hiding an important truth from us that will affect us all in a very severe way.  The truth has been exposed over time and besides the obvious coverups, leaked NASA photos and info enough people have photographed our twin sun, Nemesis (a small brown infrared dwarf), it’s major large planet, known by many names but primarily ‘Planet X’ and ‘Nibiru’ (from Sumerian) texts, and some other small satellites visiting the solar system that a little research should convince you that this is very real.

The truth or ‘proving’ that this min-constellation exists has been long and difficult and communities studying this have only been able to piece together fragmented information about periodicity, exact orbit etc.  But some effects such as planetary deformation, asteroid reports, solar abnormalities etc. indicate that even though this mini-constellation is still far off it is having a noticeable effect on our planet.  Only NASA and related organizations probably really understand this thing (NASA has been studying this system since 1982).   Instead of sharing information they have truly declared war on anyone on the outside involved in any kind of Planet X research.   We know from geological and archaeological records that this visitation means serious trouble for the surface of our planet.

So knowing that an eminent series of natural disasters are at hand rather than trying to save as many people as possible wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on fewer more important people and suck trillions of dollars out world economies over a period of over twenty years and pour these funds into ‘safe’ underground facilities cut into the oldest most stable granite formations on the planet?

So now we can put two and two together and ask about FEMA coffins, MRAPs (I bet there’s more below ground than above), UN trucks, financial warfare against Russia, the missing trillions into Black Ops, 9/11, “That Sandy Hoax”, the Fast & Furious arming of mexican ‘wolf’ gangs and a zillion other US corrupt government behaviors.  But most notable in my mind are the reports of vast quantities of food being delivered into underground tunnel systems in late 2014. Does this mean they’re getting ready for something?

Please understand the importance of Planet X and know that their goal is simply to depopulate the planet as much as possible so that when they emerge after the major earth changes have finished they will be able to take control of the planet easily and not have to face the angry former minion remnant of humanity who will have been forced to play “hunger games” to survive.

The countdown is on!  At the very least the future should know the truth that those who gained power and wealth by subverting one clause (Article 1 Section 10) in our Constitution are the ones who did this.  (Edgar Cayce had a dire warning about that:  “See that the Constitution is kept!”)  So who would have ever thought it would come to this?  Please keep warning people about this countdown.  Maybe the illuminati plan can be thwarted. They have had years to plan. We now have only days to pack a few things and get out of town.

Fred VanOlphen

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